Friday, December 4, 2009

Michael and Michael Have Issues

Personally I thought they showed enough in a short first season to give this show another go around. And I have to applaud Comedy Central choices last summer in giving the Michaels, Daniel Tosh, and Demetri Martin shows. Tosh saw his first season extended by the network and Important Things was picked up for a second season. No word on Michael and Michael...yet.

Clearly I am no expert of neurophysiology or television, so I have no idea if the show will be picked up or not. But if it is I know exactly how the following seasons will go.

Season 1: In the books, go watch it if you haven't.

Season 2: Mainly unchanged from Season 1. Demetri Martin will appear in the show (as will the Michael's in his show). David Wain makes a guest appearance, much to their characters' chagrin. To make matters worse Biederman announces in the season finale that Wain will be offered a featured role on the show due to his appeal to the 18-34 female demographic.

Season 3: After months of waiting it turns out Wain took the network up on the offer and joined the show. For the first half of the season the Michaels try to trip Wain up; until he proves himself by stealing Biederman's MP3 player in the episode entitled "Biederman's Fury". SPOILER ALERT: They sneak it back into his office after his increased ability to hear stops most of their capers before they get off the ground.

Season 4: A plot driven season. Michael Showalter's character, Michael, is forced into moving in with Michael Ian Black's family. Of course some ground rules have to be set up after Season 1's incident. I won't ruin it but let's just say Kumail is heavily involved. Showalter's presence leads to a strain in Black's marriage as they have been increasing goofy and David Wain is always not to far off, often bringing a different lady friend back to Black's place which he attempts to play off as his own single family home. His explanations of the pictures range from quite good to just absurd to completely honest. The honest one is less of a success. At the very least Wain's style rubs off on the other two and their wardrobes vastly improves within the show. But I digress. Black and Mrs. Black separate (in the show, ONLY IN THE SHOW) and it leaves Black and Show looking for a place at the end of season 4.

Season 5: The first episode revolves around Michael and Michael looking for a place. The network has put their show on hold and money has suddenly gotten tight for the crew. They finally find an apartment but they need a third room mate to make rent. Wain steps in to save the day and they sign the lease with a German land lord. Episode's 2-11 of Michael and Michael Have Issues will be Episodes 1-10 of Stella's first season.

Season 6: Stella Season 2.

Stella set out with the goal to get the second season of their show aired. And they will succeed about one decade later; as long as Season 2 of Michael and Michael is picked up.

So, I think the thing I am trying to say is, "Show, how 'bout some more Showalter Showalters, huh?",

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