Sunday, November 1, 2009

Consumers of Molson Light Question Light Questions

The Molson "Answer Honestly" campaign must be considered a success. Some of the questions are of high enough quality to spark debates among their consumers. It adds a little something to the experience and can also work as a bit of an ice breaker. The Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Nowlan, took the program a step further by adding the questions to the Molson Light line but may have gotten a little too cute for his own good.

He added the questions but made them "lighter" to go with the lighter product. Below is a list of some examples:

To have regular potato chips with lunch tomorrow -OR- To have ruffled chips with lunch tomorrow?
To drive on a slightly cloudy day during non-rush hour -OR- To drive in sleet, hail, and windy conditions during rush hour when you are already running late?
To sleep eight hours a day - OR - To not sleep for a week straight?
To have front row tickets to an event -OR- To have upper deck seats, in the last row, behind a pillar?

As you can see it is pretty easy to pick one of the choices, except for the chips one; I am still thinking about that one. Mr. Nowlan gave two reasons for the new set of questions for Molson Light. The light questions keep the branding consistent with the product. He stressed the importance of consistency. Secondly, the profit margin is much tighter on the light product so, "We really like to steer consumers away from it." When asked why they even have it the line if it is not profitable he ended the interview. But when you think about it they pretty much taste the same and I'm not sure what I'm having for lunch tomorrow, perhaps a dip will get in the mix, so I'd go ruffles.

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