Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Electric Car Will Save the Day

After a recent suggestion of mine to open a gas station was shot down I got to thinking about how I could prove that I was right. But I was wrong, so I'll prove that instead.

My original thought was to open a gas station after one of those highway signs that indicates XX amount of miles until the next gas station (or better yet XXX amount of miles). I am not sure if they would relocate the sign so that we would be noted as the last gas station or if it would come as a pleasant surprise to the motorists passing through. The main argument it seemed is that a gas station is too reliant on gas. What if another form of energy is developed that is friendlier to the environment and/or cheaper? Well our gas station could be in a lot of trouble depending on how the mini-golf on the roof is doing.

Perhaps the electric car will catch on. Because of the amount of people using this different breed of cars my guess is that there will be a greater need for garages for maintenance and repair. So gas stations should okay for a while as long as they can work on cars. Here is where things get interesting. How do you charge an electric car battery? I assume it is much like an I-Pod. You simply plug the car using a USB cord into a computer. To keep the computer dry though most people will need garages so anybody that doesn't have one will need to have an addition to their home built. With real estate struggling construction of new homes has been sliding. So this would allow the construction companies to get back in the game.

Since the majority of people do not have their computers in the garage computers could become a hot item at electronic stores. The retail sector should see a boost. Not to mention that all the current cars will be replaced by their electric counterparts. And from there everything else should just pretty much get fixed. You know what they say: "If construction and retail is growing then America is a-glowing!"

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