Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Analysis: Meatball Sandwich at Lunch

While standing in line at a sandwich joint (Subway) one has a plethora of options at their disposal. There is a lot of give and take when choosing the base of your sandwich and even more once you get to building it. So let's take a look at the Meatball sandwich, shall we?

PROS: It's a sandwich. That's pretty good, but it is an inherent characteristic of most sandwiches so we will have to disregard it (for now). Provolone and/or Parmesan cheese goes great with it. This is the very definition of a win-win. Tomato sauce is prominent in the sandwich. Great! I try to work tomato sauce/marinara into what ever I can. It sometimes gets me into trouble, even thrown into JAIL, which isn't jail jail, its an acronym for something else. (Note: Garlic Parmesan wings when dipped into marinara is amazing. You will get an awkward look from the server when you ask to sub out the bleu cheese but its well worth it.) Meatballs are always good whether it be in a sub, on top of a plate of pasta, or even its Swedish cousin, the Swedish Meatball.

Cons: This is one of the more filling sandwiches available. It has a somewhat heavy sauce. Meatballs contain red meat, something I try to limit to no more than a couple times a week. The tomato sauce is messy. Meatballs can easily escape the confines of the roll. Of course it is not too bad if that happens since you are probably wearing a dress shirt, the meatballs are covered in tomato sauce, and you'll need to go back to work after lunch. And the meatball is probably lost to the ground. That is the very definition of a lose-lose.

Analysis: It has probably become apparent that I am against ordering a meatball sub for lunch. But like most things worth analyzing there are some gray areas. Perhaps you only plan on eating half of it and saving the half for dinner. Its still messy though...but what if you plan on making a mess and saving half of it. I'd say, "okay order it." What if you plan on throwing it at somebody? Please call me. I'll pay you and record it. Please. What if they have flat meatballs? Ah, the Continental Exception. Continental in Kensington serves their meatball sandwiches with meatballs that are sliced in half so rollage is minimized. Still filling, but closer. But if you are at Continental you really should be ordering the Cheesesteak so that arguments flawed. So flawed.

Its a nice treat every now and then but I would have to say in general its not a great decision at lunchtime. I remember the last time I had one for lunch it was about a year ago and I took a late lunch. A very late lunch (probably around 3:30 or 4) so I was looking for a filling meal and only had about an hour left at work. And it was pretty great but I knew, I KNEW, I had gotten away with one (Note: if I's were normally lowercased it would have been capitalized before the KNEW).

To answer the query from earlier, we shalled.

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