Monday, June 16, 2014

Germany Allows Four Goals after Opening World Cup Game - Draws with Portugal

SALVADOR, Brazil – In the hours following Germany’s apparent blowout win over Portugal in Group G the mood has shifted from joy to one of uncertainty. Following the match German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer failed his post-game drug test. In accordance to FIFA regulations Germany will be forced to vacate all of his personal achievements within the game; which unfortunately results in the four saves he had being vacated and converted to goals. Leaving the final adjusted score as a 4-4 draw.

As experts begin to weigh in the expectation remains that Germany will still make it out of group play. Roman Weidenfeller is expected to fill-in as the primary goalkeeper for the remainder of Germany’s World Cup run. Joachim Löw, is hopeful that there will be no drop-off in goalkeeper performance despite the change in personnel as Weidenfeller is expected to use his additional experience to cover the gap between his and Neuer’s physical skill level.

It is unclear what, if any, impact the violation will have on Manuel Neuer’s standing with FC Bayern Munich.

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