Thursday, December 17, 2009

Venn Diagram to Win Diagram/Chart/Graph of the Year for 2009

Reports out of The Diagram, Chart, and Graph Convention in Berlin have the Venn Diagram landing the top award tomorrow. The Venn Diagram has not won in over 15 years with the Pie Chart dominating in recent years. Many experts believe this to be due to their resemblance of pizza and the increasing popularity of pies.

Some of the usual luster of the event has worn off as the location has been questioned. Numerous attendees felt that Berlin was not an appropriate host city citing a lack of sufficient lodging and venues. The European attendees praised the choice for its "decidingly different feel" than the usual New York or Chicago setting when the US plays host. One British voter said that the, "experience alone was well worth the trip." A German attendee stated that they, "don't have anything like this in [his] home country."

Eric Cox, a chairman on the Diagram/Chart/Graph committee, thought it would be a "neat change" to host the event in the former Nevada mining city that has long been abandoned. Cox felt that overall it was a success. "We gained some popularity and this convention has always been edgy," Cox stated. The governor of Nevada Jim Gibbons added that Berlin is an excellent reminder of the past in Nevada and much of the West at one time. Gibbons explained how Berlin was built around one industry. When the mining industry failed in Berlin, the town failed. He preached the importance of diversity in a city/state's economy. Depending too much on any one industry or even too heavily on one city (economically) leaves a state vulnerable "which is one thing Nevada will never be again. When people think of Nevada I want them to think of the wealth of industries across the state that we play home to."

The Box-and-Whisker Plot once again won the Cooliest Name Award; making it 25 years straight.

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Pie charts are hilarious and delicious.